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  1. Harold M Adams

    Greetings; Excellent website. Very impressed with your research on this forgotten brand of firearm.
    A couple of years back I purchased a Great Western revolver from an acquaintance. I think it’s the Frontier? Sadly, in my opinion it was in rough condition and missing grips, as well as having a broken hand assembly. The bluing on the ejector housing (?) took on a plum color and the frame still retains some case hardening. The barrel bluing is somewhat worn off due to possible holster wear.
    The hammer is a Colt SAA style. I partially disassembled the piece and it revealed a serial number of GW180 on the cylinder. If I’m correct it also appears on the portion of the frame.
    If your interested I can send a picture.
    I would also like to know where I can get grips that would fit this particular pistol. Also the back strap nor any other part on this revolver is brass. It’s all steel. Any more info on this gun would be greatly appreciated.
    Kindest Regards;
    Harold M Adams


  2. Bill Brumfield

    I was searching your site for an advertisement i have with envelope dated 1960, when i noticed you seeking one that i have, the 1958 single action revolver with 11728 vose street address, if still interested please contact me.


  3. Michael Zimmerman

    Hi, Looking for a production on a GW Frontier s/n 12326. Any information would be great. I picked it up in 2003 because I liked the feel and its just been in the safe. It come with the original box and paper work. Thanks


  4. Dave Roberts

    I knew Don Moore (Moore Engineering) back in the early/mid 70’s. My folks owned a machine on Alameda in the ‘50’s thru the ‘70’s (Pacific Metal Cutting) they had a young hot shot salesman working for them Don Moore Jr. they where looking for a new shop foreman and Don Jr. suggested his dad Don Sr. he worked for us from about 1970 to 1975. He told me the story of Great Western Arms. He had some of the guns and advertising with pictures of John Wayne on them. Don Sr. move his equipment in to our shop and worked on small jobs out of there. Don Sr. did have a massive heart attack in the 60’s and he had health issues from it but he didn’t die from it.

    I also knew Jess Oliver of Oliver Knife & Mfg. Jess owned some industrial buildings at 124th and Alameda and my folks rented from him during the 1960’s.


  5. Stephen Seltzer

    I have a 7.5 inch Great Western Kit gun in 22 caliber,
    SN: GW020467, It is in good condition and has been fired recently
    Is here any interest out there among Great Western Collectors.
    Contact me at:


  6. Casey Herrick

    Hey there, doing some research and wondering if you have the actual addresses of the various factories in which these guns were produced? Also any photos of the factories (inside and outside). Thanks!



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