Fast Draw Model

Serial ranges:  They were introduced and advertised in 1957, appearing after serial 18500.

Calibers:  45 Colt is most common, as this was and remains the standard caliber for fast draw competition.  All the other calibers are seen in the fast draw configuration as well, in varying frequencies.  .357 Atomic / Magnum and .38 Spl are somewhat common, and there are some .22s seen as well.

Barrels:  Generally 4.75 or 5.5 inches.  7.5 inch has been observed.

Finishes:  Standard is blue with brass grip straps. 

Grips:  Plastic faux stag was standard, but they are regularly seen with a factory wood grip upgrade that corresponds to an E&M sales campaign for the Fast Draw model.

Overall production / scarcity:  

 Variants \ Oddities:


The prototypical Great Western Fast Draw model is like this one here, a .45 with 4 3/4 inch barrel.


E&Ms Fast Draw model ad from 1962.


E&M’s 1959 catalog ad for the Great Western Arms Fast Draw Model.


Great Western Arms page for the fast draw model in their last catalog, circa 1961.


One of the first Great Western Arms Fast Draw models, this one in .357 Atomic.


GW19738 is a .22 Fast Draw model with 4 3/4 inch barrel