The Frontier model was made available in this original cowboy cartridge while E&M operated Great Western. Original examples should have a serial that correlates to post-1960 assembly, probably no earlier than GW20500.

This is a rare factory chambering. There are only a few .44-40s residing with advanced collectors of Great Westerns. The potential was perhaps there for Great Western to sell a few hundred .44-40’s while they were still in business over 1960-63, but there’s no indication this happened. A proper statistical sense is that no more than a couple dozen .44-40s were built.

Rollmark: .44-40 CAL

Models / barrels: Frontiers, Fast Draws, Kits (liquidation series). 4.75, 5.5, 7.5 inch barrels.


A very late production Great Western in .44-40. This revolver has a Fast Draw model brass trigger guard and is all numbers matching.